Screenpad startup mode

mkrusemkruse Level 1
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  1. System: Zenbook 15
  2. Battery or AC: Either
  3. Model: UX534FTC-XH77
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Startup


Detailed description:Is there any way to configure the startup mode of the screenpad? Having it go to display mode when it's my only mouse seems really counter intuitive. I know I can hit the button to change to mouse, or three finger tap to move around, but it's my only mouse when I'm sitting in my chair working. Opening my laptop and trying to move my cursor only to discover I've launched something on the little screen is a little annoying. I turned it off for a while, but then I realized this little gadget is kind of nice so I want to use it. But the inability to even change an option for what mode to be in feels like a serious error in UI design.


  • Hello mkruse,

    I'm quite confused about your description.

    Do you mean that when you are on Screenpad mode, and you would like to use the touchapd and see the screenpad at the same time but you would need to dim the screenpad in order to have the cursor then you can't see the screenpad clearly?

    If so....that's the current design as it aims to let all function working at the same time and able to switch quickly.

    Anyway, I have reported your opinion to the designing department.

    Thank you.

  • mkrusemkruse Level 1

    No, when the laptop first boots up or wakes up from sleep the initial state of the screenpad is screen mode instead of mouse pad regardless of the last state. This requires an additional step in my part to use the mouse. When first booting up it is rare that my first action would be to start a screenpad app, and far more likely a full desktop app like Chrome would would require use of the mouse.

  • Hello mkruse,

    I see what you mean.

    Thank you so much for this feedback.

    I have reported as well.

  • Hello mkruse,

    May you double check if you are using the latest BIOS,

    ASUS ScreenXpert Interface (Driver) and

    ASUS System Control Interface V2(Driver) ?

    Thank you.

  • mkrusemkruse Level 1

    Bios: 304, last updated 2/29/2020

    System Control Interface V2 (driver):, driver date 6/1/2020

    ScreenXpert Interface (driver):, driver date 6/9/2020

  • I'm not sure what a BIOS update will do for a software problem like this. Can you explain how that would change the default configuration of the Screenpad software?

  • I would be interested in a solution for this too. There should be a way to choose the default mode for the ScreenPad after starting or waking up.

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