Instagram is not able to access my camera,gallery

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My Instagram suddenly is not able to access my camera,gallery. When I tried to upload a story or a post, I found about this problem.

I tried all methods that I could but in vain.. 1) I tried restarting my phone but no. 2) I tried unistalling and again 3) I checked if all the permissions have been checked ..Yes all have been granted access but again the problem was still there

4) I tried clearing cache and checked again but noo

Please tell me what the problem is all my other applications have been granted access but problem is only with Instagram....

Many would say that the problem lies in the Instagram application... I checked by logging in another phone and it works so the problem Would be in the phone


  • Hi there, we would request you to kindly share with us following things to help you better: 

    1. Firmware version of the device.

    2. Share with us a video showing following details- wiping the cache and clearing data from the app then reinstall the Instagram app, then allowing all the required permissions tabs, then the app issue step by step in that order in a single video.

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    I think your mobile has some problems

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