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So i always use SMS to get a verification code for certain apps, but the SMS often got delayed or not received at all on my zenfone 5. When I try to put my sim card to my friend phone (asus max pro m2) there is no delayed sms. Please fix this


  • Hi alexdwiartha

    Thank you for your asking. Kindly provide the information below so that we could better assist you.

    1. Your current firmware version

    Settings>System>About Phone>Software information

    If you try to update to the latest version, does the issue still remain?

    2. Does the issue appear after any system/apps' download or update?

    3. Could you receive/send calling and send text normally? Does the issue only appear in receiving text?

    4.  Any apps has the same issue? If the app has the same issue, which version of the app? If you try to update to the latest version, does the issue still remain?

    5. Please check if the phone storage is ok. Settings>Storage & memory

    6. Did the phone break or fall before?

    7. Please try to enter "Safe Mode". If the function works well in Safe Mode yet the issue remains out of Safe Mode, please check on any disturbance from the installed 3rd party apps.

    # How to enter and exit "Safe Mode"

    8. Please try SMMI test 

    Calculator> type ".12345+=">SMMI TEST>Single Test>SIM Signal Test/Wi-Fi Test

    If the SMMI test fail, kindly bring your device to the nearest ASUS repair center for device checking:

    If it is impossible to access the service center during Covid-19 period, please try Call us:

    1. Version WW_16.0615.2005.130, It is already the latest update
    2. Probably, it's been a while now I think it's in February
    3. The issue only when receiving text
    4. All aps even when I try buying something online and need confirmation from text messages, basically all sms. It's not working after I update all of the apps to the latest.
    5. I have 15GB of free storage
    6. No
    7. Still not working with safe mode
    8. The test is working well

  • For details, the default messages app showing that the "messages is doing work in the background" but there is no incoming messages in the app. Sometimes it's there but delayed for 40 minutes to 4 hour, or sometimes the messages not received at all. Whereas verification messages have a short time limit until it's expired.

  • Hi Alex

    Nice weekend. Thank you for your reply.

    1. What is your carrier? If your phone is changed to another SIM card carrier, does the issue remain the same?

    2. Does your phone always open "auto-update"? Or did you operate manual update for your phone?

    3. Did you mean that all of your message apps (Facebook messenger, Whatsapp..) have delay in receiving the text, too?

    4. Also, please try "the Factory Reset". Does the issue remain the same?

    Settings>System>Reset options>Erase all data(factory reset)

    Please note that once the Factory Reset is completed, all data, apps, settings and personal information will be deleted.

    If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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