This is the last phone that I will have bought from Asus (and probably Android too)

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Hey whats up!?

So since 1 week ago I've been experiencing battery issues (again) with my phone. I was havig great battery life (10hrs+) until 1 week ago that, for some unknown reason, the battery started to drain a lot faster (hardly reaching the 6hrs of use). I didn't download any app or started using other apps ever since that started to happend, so I trully do not know what's going on.

But aside from that, I've also been facing another (new) issue with the phone that makes the screen do not wake up when I press the wake up/turn on button on the side of the phone. I have to press it severl times for the screen to light up and allow me to unlock it. That's been happening to me for the past 2 or 3 months and it's very annoying. Couldn't find any other fix rather than reseting the phone to 0 (which I'm not going to do for the third time after I had to reset the phone when I installed the extremely buggy A10 to go back to A9).

That issue in conjunction with others, like the problems with the AirTriggers not even a phone reset fixed or the Red Tint screen issue made me decide that this is the last Asus phone I ever buy. And probably my next phone will be again, an iPhone. I'm facing a lot of issues that literally I've never faced with the last Apple phone I bought (iPhone X).

I'm so sorry for Asus, really. This phone had a huge potential but the software ruined it.


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