I can't receive calls when connected to wifi

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So right now I found it that people who try to call me go straight to voicemail. However it's only when I'm connected to WiFi, that calls and text message are ignored completely not even a notification or a log are even made. But as I disconnect from the wifi it works fine.

Help me please

I am using Max Pro M1 3gb

With Android 9 Latest firmware .082


  • Asus said like this,

    Asus's latest built.082 excellent built.

    Please contact your network carrier / operator.

    It is true.

    To confirm please contact with asus online executive.

    I already faced call waiting in BSNL.

    Asus teams say our software and hardware is working perfectly. So please contact your network carrier operator.

    But this problem in ASUS ZENFONE MAX PRO M1 only. I change my sim to Nokia 7.1.then disable and enable call waiting settings. Then working perfectly.

    But call waiting options settings in Asus Max Pro M1 not working till now.

  • Hi there, kindly update to the latest firmware version and let us know if the above issue still persists.

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