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Hello, for last 4 months I searching for original Asus ZenFone 6 cover, but every time when I'm contacting Asus (Germany) they are unprofessional and don't know a thing. They look like I asked the dumbest retorical question. I have a Asus ZenFone 6 30th edition (800€) and disgrace from you when you EOL'd OEM cover for it.


  • cheers bro even its only some 3rd party case for zenfone 6

  • Yeah, with that too expensive cover and tempered glass, I managed to break my display, but OEM is OEM, so Asus, did we toss too much money in the wind? I'm eager for your prompt answer. Thank you in advance

  • I'm not sure if we sell it Germany. I would pick a 3rd party cover with good rating at amazon.de if I were you

  • Its really sad to hear that kind of behavior from company like Asus.

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