Battery backup

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Hello , so i have been getting a very less battery backup while gaming like if a i play a game around 2 hr the battery getting dropped to 36% ..

Should i he worried or its fine with 90hz refresh rate

Build - 17.0240.2004.9_0


  • Earlier with hypercharge, mobile was getting fully charged in 1hr 45mins. Now it is taking only 1hr 20mins to charge completely(which is 76% of 1hr 45mins). So I feel after android 10 update they have reduced the battery capacity via software or battery capacity has degraded on the hardware side.

  • @Gustav_ASUS is the battery fine ?? Using 60hz only

  • Also please let us know why it is taking lesser time to charge the rog 2 completely. Is it the software tweak that the Dev's did or hardware issue?

  • @RAIDEN™ For testing purposes, what you can try is fully charging your phone to 100% and put it in flight mode before you go to bed. If it's only draining a couple of percent over night, it's more likely some application you've installed is the culprit.

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