Low wifi speed when blutooth is on.

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Wifi speed drops drastically when i turn on bluetooth. Since ,its a gaming phone and i used it for gaming with my bluetooth headphones , there is always connecting screen on game . When i turn off bluetooth its fine . Here are screenshots of speed test

with bluetooth on and off


  • MelquiMelqui Level 3

    ALL smartphones do this. 2.4Ghz interference. Change wifi channel of your router or use a 5Ghz router.

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5
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    // EDIT - Query answered by Melqui.

  • As @Melqui mentions above, Bluetooth operates on the 2,4 Ghz band, which may cause interference with other devices. Switching to 5 Ghz or forcing another channel on your router can help to alleviate this.

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