Custom Zenbook build

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Hi everyone! Recently I come up with idea about acquiring a powerful laptop with QHD (or UHD) display. After some researches my choice has been determined in favor of Asus Zenbook UX534FTC-AA280T.

However, I don't need Nvidia video card there, but I couldn't find the model without that card. And also I would like to have either 14-inch QHD or 15.6-inch UHD display (it's the main preference).

Thus, my question is: is there the way to offer custom build of Asus Zenbook laptop? Thanks.

P.s. I also took a shot on Zenbook S series, but nothing of that has QHD or UHD display.

UPD: Well, I realized, that the purpose of having powerful Nvidia card is required for Zenbook Pro. And highly likely, my choice should be located somewhere in Zenbook S series. But the question still makes sense: do I have an opportunity to order custom build of Zenbook S model with QHD/UHD display?

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