Numeric pad does not lock as a numeric pad on my Zenbook Pro Duo

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Detailed description:When activating the numeric touch pad . any pressure on the illuminated keys and the pad deactivates to change back to a track pad.


  • LiviuLiviu Level 2
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    There is something wrong with yours. I tried on mine and if I slide my finger on the pad, it does move the cursor, but I can still insert numbers. So, it's like 2 in 1 at the same time. When I have it on trackpad mode, it works only as a trackpad, no interference. So, everything is running normal on my side. You should fill the small form from your post with all the details.

  • Hello amgasvfx,

    May I have a video record of the issue?

    Please kindly check if your BIOS and drivers are up to date.

    Thank you.

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