ASUS For god sake add customisation option

py443739py443739 Level 1
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Sad to see asus didn't give a shit about customer's need ever since they bought this phone majority of them have the same problem regarding customisation (don't want to use any 3rd party application because i don't wanna loose android 10 gesture)even stock android has an option for customisation available so don't make any excuses about stock android.they are so irresponsible that they added everything in asus rog but didn't care about asus6z users we have paid good amount of money it was not cheap so pay attention to what customers are saying.


  • kooldude7285kooldude7285 Level 3
    edited June 2020

    haha... they are not going to add... its been so many months now... all we are going to get are security updates..

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