Bluetooth crashes in developer settings

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Hey since the last update last week I've been getting crashes editing developer settings, I got a new pair of Bluetooth headphones and wanted to manually set the codec and settings however it keeps on crashing when Bluetooth is enabled.


  • I can go into developer settings enable Bluetooth and it doesn't crash, however the settings aren't persistent even though I know it enables because it's clearly switching when I put it back to system default

  • Can Anyone else can test this?

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    What settings did you change from and to in the Developer's Settings?

    I don't have a bluetooth enabled earphones/headphones, but I can use my bluetooth speakers and see if that works. It is developer options, so it could just be mean it's still under development, just like when they had dark mode in the Developer Options.

  • Which BT headphones are you using with your device? It might be that they don't support the codec you're trying to set in dev options.

  • I too had faced similar issue, the problem was with Bluetooth codec version.

    Sometimes i have it when i change the codec, problem would be solved.

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