Using ROG 2 for about 6 months.Now am facing the Auto Re-start issue !!! Can't play games due to thi

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Pls somebody HELP


  • Hello my asus rog phone 2 is auto restarting in between the games. I cannot play games due to this. This mobile given the over advertising for this phone. What should i do now to solve this problem.

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    The auto-restart issue is caused by overheating of the device or you have ran out of memory.

    Overheating can be various thing from playing for too long with high brightness, running too many apps at once (search on Google as it mainly happens for PUBG).

    If you don't get the overheating issue, sounds like you are running too much apps at the same time which produces heavy load onto the RAM and CPU. If there's no RAM for the android system to run on, it will restart.

  • I just reset the phone and installed pubg only.75% of the storage is still available.And played the game in Air Con.The temperature of the phone is around 36 and brightness is about 35%.I don't think overheating is the problem.

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    While you have PUBG, what is the RAM being used?

    Settings - Developer Options - press on Memory - what is used % and the free %?

  • I'm too facing the same issue. No heating. No over exhausting of memory. Even it restarts while using youtube or whatsapp sometimes. Totally disappointed.

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    Sure, and do you have PUBG installed on your phone?

  • Yes. That's the main reason I bought this bulky one

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    I guess you can try clearing cache and clear storage for PUBG to see if it's last longer.

    And also, check RAM usage while having PUBG opened:

    Settings - Developer Options - press on Memory - what is used % and the free %?

    The problem is everyone is blaming the phone and it is not the phone, because there are other posts about PUBG crashing on other phone forums that are not resolved! I don't play PUBG but I do play COD and I don't get the issue of it being restarted after 3 hours of play (longest i have been playing)!

    Do a search on OnePlus and Samsungs forums and you find loads of them :)

  • Not only in Pubg .Sometimes it crashed while using YouTube. I think it must be a Hardware/Software issue.My friend don't have any issue and he's a hardcore gamer.Asus team must sort it out this problem ASAP !!!!!!

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    What phone does your friend have?

    At the moment everyone who is having the restart issue have PUBG installed. Don't play on PUBG (i.e delete it from the device) and see if it restarts?

  • Rog 2.We booked the phone together.I just uninstalled Pubg today and same thing happned few hours ago..Phone get stucked and restart itself when browsing.... I don't think this is bcoz of PUBG... Don't know what to do !!!!! Can anyone suggest a solution !!!

    How to aware this issue to Asus team !!! I think they can sort it out the problem with future updates !!!!

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    Good to know that your friends uses ROG 2 and they don't have issues.

    Are your friends on the same firmware too?

    If so, this can only imply the device you have may potentially be the problem to your restarts.

    Your best bet is to head to a service centre as you have just proven it's not the software because your friends do not have this problem.

  • As I've mentioned in similar threads, we advise you to visit a local service center and get your device looked at if you're experiencing freeze/restart problems frequently.

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