Live audio inaudible after receiving text messeges for seconds and also ping fluctuations in pubg

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: 5z
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not: not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): zoom app (Version 5.1.27838.0614) pubg(Version 0.18.0)

Tried all possible steps clear cache,clear storage uninstall n install apps issue is still present

Zoom app :-

When i am live in meeting and if i receive any text messege live audio from meeting pauses for a while before text messege is received and as soon as i recieve that text messege audio is audible this happens with many social apps also like google meet

Pubg :-

Whenever m about to recieve text messege ping in game fluctuates and sometimes i get few seconds lag in game

I guess both issues are relatable as both are happening only with text messeges

Thankyou 😊

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    Seems like background are priority.

    I'm 1 wall and 4 meters straight from my router.

    When I try to downgrade to Android 9, I always have to come back to 10 because of a connection bug:

    If I put my hand on the top of the device (antennae) my connection drops out, turning the landscape sessions impossible.

    I'm now feeling (in .87) a lesser version of this bug.

    Maybe it's related because of low signal priorities, like slimming a tunnel:

    The message downloads to show the notification or The audio downloads to be heard on a videocall.

    The message downloads to show the notification or The game packages downloads to make it keep running.

    Never at the same time, no multitasking connection.

  • Why is this happening in silent mode than? I can understand that no multitasking at same time in normal profile but i think audio should not be paused in vibration or silent profile as system has already detected to keep everything silent

  • Well, I hope I can be clear enough, I'm no expert so let's speculate by analogy.

    You have a tunnel, that's your connection.

    Through this tunnel, only three cars pass at a time, each bringing a package.

    Let's say that for a video call to work properly, three cars are constantly needed to bring packages.

    Two cars bring a package for the video and one for the audio.

    In this constant, suddenly, a messaging application notices a message arriving and requests its packet.

    One of the times that three cars come, one will have to bring the messaging application's packet.

    This way, instead of two video cars and one audio car, it will be two video cars and one message car.

    At that moment you lose the audio pack for a brief moment, so that the message pack arrives and you are notified.

    Remember, this is just speculation based on the fact that not only the audio, but the PUBG also gets slower when the notification arrives.

    Because PUBG also needs these three cars constantly, and any loss of packaging is felt in the form of lag.

  • Ohh great example this sounds like a limitation than lets see if mods found out any solution on this and would be great if they overcome this limitation

    Awaiting for mods response 😊 n thankss for fair explanation 👍😁

  • Hi there, this might be causing because of Android limitations, in terms of Pubg we are checking the same with our team,  thank you for highlighting the same.

  • Hope for fix in coming future FOTA

    Thanks! 😊

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