Screen recorder gallery player bug?

Carlo GCarlo G Level 2
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When i use screen recorder i tried different Apps. I used the local screen recorder and other 3rd party recorder. And when i play it at gallery it plays at the slow motion player not in the typical video player ( It has save option when on slow mo player. In slow mo player it has 60 fps, but when it has been save -exported the video becomes laggy 30 fps only. How to solve this issue? Thanks.


  • Try clearing the cache of the Gallery app and see if your problem persists.

  • Carlo GCarlo G Level 2

    Still the same . Also tried restarting the phone. In slow mo player the video is at 60+fps but when it has been saved and exported the video only pushes 30 fps laggy quality. ( Don't mind the fps counter it's in the game)

  • @Carlo G can you zip the video files in question and send them to me?

  • Carlo GCarlo G Level 2

    I think it's a bug. If the game i record is 60 FPS up like 90 or 120fps game. The video in the gallery plays it at slow mo video player.

    I tried screen recording with a 60fps cap game. And it's fine. It plays at the regular video player.

  • @Carlo G Try clearing the storage and cache of the screen recorder. If that doesn't work I'd like a device log from you. Mention me in this thread so I don't miss your response.

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