Issue in WhatsApp Audio Private Listening

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edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

I couldn't listen my whatsapp audio privately... Whenever I try to listen with my earpiece it plays in loud speaker.. Is there any solution for this?


  • Hi Kindly check if your earphones are properly connected to your phone. you should see a icon on notification bar.

    Try with a different earphone or use the same earphone with a different phone

    Also, is the issue only with What's App or with all apps?

  • Thanks for your reply... But my earphone works perfectly...

    The problem is I couldn't hear the WhatsApp voice notes in my headset ear piece....

  • make sure the proximity sensor is working

  • Thanks @Mayendra my phone proximity sensor was blocked by screen protector.. I have removed it and now its working... Thank you...

  • You're welcome, glad to hear it👍

  • If you are using other version of whatsapp then this can be make issu. So, don't use other modded version

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