Not Able to unlock Bootloader - Asus 5z

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Hello Sir

I am not able to unlock my bootloader on my Asus 5z

Whenever i try to unlock it says about network error only.

I want to unlock my device.

Pls help me in thia regard.

Thank you

Edit - I am on latest update of Android Q

Pls Help me @CH_ASUS


  • victor010victor010 Level 5
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    Hi, you will not get updates via OTA if you unlock the bootloader, It's better if you keep your bootloader locked, your warranty will be void as soon as you unlock the bootloader. It does not necessarily mean that you are rooted, the bootloader can be unlocked without rooting but the processes go side by side. You will not get any benefit if you unlock bootloader and do not root.

  • Understandable but the OP clearly asks that he needs his bootloader unlocked. Do you have a solution for that?

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