Now what is the new update schedule for MPM1? 🤦‍♂️

6pslima20026pslima2002 Level 2
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This is the 17th time a MPM1 update will be postponed. And definitely the last time I'll buy ANY Asus product.

Goodbye!!! 👋☺️🖕


  • MintuKumarMintuKumar Level 1
    edited June 2020

    I feel the same thing. Since 082 update, it's taking ages to charge. Barely 10% is being charged in 1hr. Changed Adaptor, cable. Still same. Before this update it was fine.

    Rip asus.

  • If possible, switch to firmware 424. It's not as bad as 082.

    Speaker audio will sound like shit. But there are tutorials on YouTube for fixing the headphone audio. So if you don't care about the speaker, use 424

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