6000 MaH battery?

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Check this out. It used to normally consume 0.05% during screen off and 5% battery while youtube. 15% while pubg and i haven't opened pubg since charging. Now my mobile has been lying there for 11 hours with 4 hours time and it should take only 20-25% but my battery which is consumed is currently 41%. Serious issue isn't it. My battery has been degraded. What should i do asus?


  • There has been alot of debate with Accubattery and ROG phone 2

    I use the software myself but you need to bare in mind they way it calculates the health of the battery is not accurate and Asus also have a hardware lock of 250mAh on both ends to protect the battery.

    If your finding a big drain it may be an app being used in the background, I have fount if I get heavy % drop to just restart my phone or use the memory cleaner and it seems to resolve heavy battery drain.

    I hope it helps.

  • To add,

    I don't have the link but somewhere in this forum is battery testing topic with various people testing their battery in different modes, heat and sorts which I recommend you check out.

    Your be amazed at how much ambient temperature plays a part in battery drain. (Chemicals reactions inside the battery occur quicker when hotter).

  • I only use this app for time stamp and the stop watch to check my battery usage and keeping a track how much it is consuming my battery. I do not care about anything else except how much my battery has drained over 4 hours of sot which is depressing. I used to get 41% drop after 7 hours of sot and now its dropped to 4 hours. Ni ye majak horiya h?

  • My battery is completely degraded as per my knowledge as you can see in chart and the temperature was 27 degree because i stay in my room with ac on always.

  • I know Accubattery is not accurate but there is certainly something wrong with ROG battery. I've been using AccuBattery from a long time and never seen this type of batter health degradation. I know people will say that it is not accurate but still the difference in variation is too vast to ignore. This is my ROG 2's health after 7 months and check out battery health of Moto E5 Plus (5000mAh) after 1.5 years. Both are charged in similar conditions and patterns.

    Even my 2 year old LG V30+ retains around 2900mAh battery out of 3300mAh.

    Can anyone explain this? Don't just say AccuBattery is not accurate! Some technical details would help. Till then I'm going to believe Asus has low quality batteries.

  • My rog 2 battery shows health of 86% and 5150 mah in my accubattery and its almost 8 month of usage. Wtf is wrong..

  • Post your battery health page screenshot, it helps to identify total mAh charged. Yes, there is definitely something wrong with battery hardware of ROG Phone 2, its degrading way too fast than normal. That's for sure.

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