Battery getting drained after the Android 10 update.

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I have been observing for the past three weeks my Rog 2 is getting heated over whatsapp video calls over wifi and it is draining quite a lot of juice for these calls too. It doesn't feel like a 6000 mah anymore. Is there a way to optimize this? Im the running the device in power saving mode not even in balanced mode and the refresh rate is only 60hz. Idk what to do can anybody help me with this issue.


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    @Haradeep if you're suspecting that something is off with your battery, the first step would be to charge your phone to 100 percent and place it in flight mode before going to bed. It should only drain a couple of percent over night.

    As you know, battery consumption is affected by a myriad of factors. Sometimes it comes down to an app running haywire in the background, other times it's affected by something as simple as adaptive brightness picking up steam because it's summer outside and the sun is shining. User patterns change over time, etc.

    If you haven't already, you can also try changing some of the battery-saving options in PowerMaster. Clean up in suspend, deny apps from auto-starting, activate super clean mode, and so on.

    As a last resort, backup your data and perform a full factory reset. Install apps one at a time and take not of your battery consumption.

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