Gesture by fingerprint scanner for torch, camera, calculator & google translate.

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I know it is very difficult to add new featurs in every phone. But we need some very usefull features that you should provide Max Pro M1 users in Android 10. (If possible).

1. Gestures from fingerprint scanner for torch, camera, calculator & google translate.

2. You can also provide torch by shaking phone.

3. Please Replace Camera and contact apps.(Most Important).

4. Enable native video calling.

5. Improve sound quality on using headphones & bluetooth headphones.


  • They are replacing the camera app but I think they will not replace the contact app because it is a Google app and this phone is advertised to come with no zenui apps so if you have any issue with the contact app, you can go to Google play store and write your issue in the review . They might fix the issue.

  • I appreciate. But we spent our money on the name of asus not google. Atleast they should provide supported zenui contacts app on play store if users are facing some problems with default app.

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    Android orm's tend to keep their apps for their phone's only so it makes sense that they choose not to upload it to Google Play Store . And also I have never seen any companies apps like these apps on Google Play Store.

    And also if you want to buy a phone with the companies apps and not Google apps, don't go with phone's advertised as clean android , most of those phone's have Google apps preloaded and android one which only have Google apps.

  • Hi there, we have made a note of the feedback and will share it with the relevant team.

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