Asus Rog 2 phone Stopped charging via the bottom USB C and side port ! Need urgent help.

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Hi Team ,

I am facing the Charging problem , the bottom USBC port stopped functioning .

When this started to happen I got a message that the USB Charging port is too high temperature and please reachout to the service center. I also smelled a burning smell coming out of the bottom charging port.

The Side USBC worked for some time , but eventually died as I got similar message , Charging port is too hot. And got the burning smell from the side port as well.

The Service center is closed in My city due to the lockdown, please help! My work is getting impacted due to this problem.

Serial Number : K9AIGF00V009NSL . Build number: QKQ1.190825.002.WW_phone-17.0230.2004.60

Running on Android 10 . Always used the Official 30 W/

18W charger. Phone is not rooted and running on the official android 10.

From what I read , this appears to be a known hardware/software issue . Can you please ship a replacement device to help in such desparate times.

Please reachout to me [email protected] as soon as possible as my work is getting impacted due to this .




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    @ServiceC_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @rohith_rajan @dipti_b @Titan_ASUS

    Can anyone please help to get this reviewed by the right support team.

    I am currently located in India ( Akola , Maharashtra 444003) .



  • I'm sorry to hear about your problems. I understand the pandemic is making the situation difficult, but unfortunately we can't help you with service issues from here. I advise you to keep in contact with your local service for the time being.

    Stay safe,

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    You need to dispute this with your bank. See my thread on their RMA service, I went through something very similar. DO NOT SEND IN THE PHONE FOR REPAIR, THEY WILL SAY ITS OUT OF WARRANTY AND THAT YOU CAUSED THE DAMAGE. THEY WILL SEND YOU A BILL TO PAY FOR THE REPAIR OR THEY WILL SEND YOU THE PHONE DISASSEMBLED (they won't put the phone back together if you don't pay).

    Call you bank and make a claim on the charge, tell them the hardware is defective and based on what you've seen in the forums it is pointless to send it in. Tell your bank the money you get back from the claim will go back into ordering a new phone since ASUS refuses to give replacements.

    I disputed this with my bank and got my money back, this was after I purchased the phone over 8 months ago. Unfortunately, I decided to go back to Samsung, because as much as I love the ROG 2 phone I can't support a cheat company. I may get the ROG 3 after a year, but I don't know.

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    There are a numerous threads open for the exact similar Charging problem ; I would appreciate if Asus can look into this and if feasible send a replacement .

    We paid a premium and trusted the Asus/ROG brand . Now the ROG Phone 2 is turning out to be a nightmare!

    Already the Customer Service Team are terming the Incident as a Physical hardware damage not covered in warrenty . See Support Ticket A200663203 . There is no physical or water damage to the phone and the problem started to happen in the normal operation of the phone .

    Request you to please engage the necessary teams for the right attention here !



  • Just a quick update on this .

    After months of hassle with the Asus support team , I was able to get someone to help me and using the local service center ; shipped phone to banglore .

    After around 1.5 months , I got the phone back from service center ;

    The problem they told me was with the inside Charging Cable burnt ; --( Possibly a defect in that product component . ) To Fix they replaced the Charging Cable of the bottom USB C port.

    Very poor quality of a premium phone ;

    Definitely will think twice before going for brand like Asus , atleast till they prove themselves in premium markets.

    Also , no extended warrenty was provided considering two months the phone was not working due to a product problem ; they should have increased the warranty as you may never know if this problem will happen again or not.

    A very bad customer experience .



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