The Airtel VoLte bug update



  • Bro this isn't an individuals problem. This thread is the evidence as Its not created by me. There are probably thousands of users affected by this. Asus need to fix this as soon as possible.

  • This is not service provider problem.

    Problem with in ASUS software.

  • let me tell u my problem

    i was having two 4g airtel sim and i inserted them 1 by 1 in my asus zenfone 2 laser

    but volte was working on only 1 airtel sim not on 2nd sim

    so i contact with service provider and they told me to buy another airtel sim on same number and after that volte was working on both sim.

    so, you cannot always blame to software bro

  • It's not his problem that he is blaming asus for the bug. Asus have filled so much frustration in thier product users with their shitty sofware development that it is natural that Asus gets the blame everytime things go wrong and they deserve it.

  • I inserted the sim in Moto X4 and guess what The VoLTE is working very well. The problem in Max Pro M2 is the VoLTE Toggle Switch itself disappears so definitely software issue.

  • I am also facing same on max pro M1 beta 3 update 429

    I tried inserting sim in redmi note 5 and it works perfectly but not works in max pro m1

  • I have the exact same issue. I ported from vodafone and the phone wont show the Volte toggle switch in my new airtel sim. I posted this issue here but no solution is provided. This bug needs to be fixed in the next update.

  • Hi friends

    To avoid overlapping message, please refer to the link below for VoLTE discussion in Vodafone IN with MPM1

    Furthermore, kindly refer to 4 main requirements below that needs to fulfill to use VoLTE function :

    A. The carrier supports VoLTE

    B. The carrier supports VoLTE with the model 

    C. SIM Card has VoLTE

    D. Both side are using VoLTE

    As some users mentioned before, Airtel IN supports VoLTE in MPM1. For MPM1 users who has encountered the VoLTE issue in Vodafone India, please check if you have met the 4 requirements. Contact with your carrier for primary checking. If the issue persists the same, please @Christine_ASUS here with your essential information/issue details for further checking.

    If you also face VoLTE issue with other carrier, please open a new thread and note your model, firmware version, carrier... a complete information will assist us to find your root cause more quickly.

  • [Repost from thegeralt1000]

    I want to Ask this question for Asus Moderators...

    In Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, i sawed that Wi-Fi Calling Option is available for Jio Users... But want to ask that...

    Is Wi-Fi Calling enabled or To Be enable In Next Stable Update, For Airtel Users in Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 ?

    Because Network Provider, Said that "This Device is supports Wi-Fi Calling" But Device didn't Showed Wi-Fi Calling... And i Can't enabled it... Please fix this problem

  • Hi thegeralt1000

    I have forwarded the information to the relevant department for checking the plan of Airtel IN VoWiFi.

    We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

  • By seeing your comment I also replaced my sim bro. The problem still exists. Can u please tell me if u activated the new sim in your Asus device or some other phone? Thanks

  • Airtel has a problem with Asus Phones. Asus phones are capable of VoLTE but airtel does not recognize any ASUS phone officially in their website

    So a new Airtel sim plugged in an ASUS phone will not show VoLTE because in Airtel's system, ASUS phones are tagged as non VoLTE.

    To solve this issue do the following:

    1) Plug your Airtel SIM in another VoLTE phone (preferably a MI or Samsung phone) you can borrow your friend's phone for this.

    2) Keep your Airtel SIM in the other device for 5-6 hours. You'll see VoLTE get activated.

    3) Once you see VoLTE getting activated in the other phone. Plug the SIM in your ASUS handset. You'll now have VoLTE! Enjoy!!

    On a sidenote, ASUS please fix this issue with Airtel in India. Both in case of VoLTE and VoWifi, Airtel's official website or system doesn't recognize the phones at all. Its like the brand ASUS doesn't exist for them. I don't know the reason for this. But fixing this is in interest for ASUS given Airtel is pretty big around here. Thanks!

  • 1. The volte support page of Vodafone and airtel is not been updated since it was created so that is why it doesn't have many companies and newer devices in the list.

    2. so if we go by your logic then even iphone 11 should not support volte on airtel because it is not listed on their website.

    3. I have volte on my airtel sim since I bought my device. (My previous device did not have volte support)

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    Well let me explain you my exact issue. I am using Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 and I recently ported to Airtel from Vodafone. Volte was working on my vodafone carrier but the moment I inserted my newly ported airtel sim in the device the volte icon was missing and the signal jumped to 2G everytime I got a call. Thinking it was a sim issue I went to Airtel store and replaced it but the issue still exists. The same sim when inserted in One Plus 6 and Moto X4 shows Volte but it's M2 which is not recognising it.


    Now My friend who is using airtel in his one plus 6 for a year gave me his airtel sim to try in my device and the volte icon appeared in M2! Now it can't be sim fault as I replaced my new sim twice. I dont know exactly what is causing this issue. Asus should definitely get in contact with Airtel India and have this sorted out.

  • It is a long prevelent problem. Has been there for a long time.

    Yes the airtel and vodafone volte pages have not been edited but at least in their list their is an option called apple or samsung. The 2020 devices haven't been updated. But back in 2018 and 2019 when those pages were created Asus as a brand very much did exist in fact phones such as Max pro m1 and 5z were out too. Vodafone VoLTE page mentions those models. They have at least a brand called Asus on their page. Airtel does not, neither does their system recognize. Back in 2016, when Asus released the first VoLTE patch for Zenfone 2 series. I was using Zenfone 2 Laser (ZE550KL) back then. Had the same problem back then. I assumed that in a year or 2 these will be corrected since Asus was a new player back then. But it did not. The VoLTE pages came in much later in 2017. So it cannot be that Airtel could not update the page in 3 years to include even an old Asus handset even when they included brands like Realme that were formed post 2017.

    I am just trying to help you here. Asus and Airtel have some issue I don't know what. But it is an inconvenience for Asus customers who switch their provider to Airtel. Not everyone has a spare Airtel supported VoLTE enabled phone lying around so this is a problem. Thanks!

  • SIM where VoLTE has been pre-activated will show VoLTE on your phone. Airtel SIMs do not come pre-activated with VoLTE like Jio ones. Once you insert your SIM in a Airtel supported handset, the VoLTE services are activated within 5-6 hours from their back-end. So a SIM out of a feature phone or a 3G phone won't support VoLTE as soon as you plug it in. But lets say if you insert a SIM that was using VoLTE already in say a Redmi not 5 pro or a Oneplus 6 will show up as a VoLTE sim in your handset. Once turned on by Airtel, VoLTE is never turned off again until you replace your SIM. Then you got to repeat the process.

  • In oneplus or other phones if the VoLTE switch is appearing for your SIM then there is nothing wrong with the SIM. The trick here is to make the Airtel server believe you are using a supported device. So insert your current SIM in a Oneplus or MI or Samsung. Turn on the VoLTE switch and wait for VoLTE signal to appear on the status bar. May take a few hours. Once that is done, take a few calls with it in the supported device. Once you see the signal is 4G all the time and VoLTE is working, switch it back to M2. It will work now. Thanks!

  • I will try this method on Moto X4 (which is officially airtel volte supported) and get back to you. Thank you 😊

  • I have two airtel sim in which one shows VOLTE in the Asus zenfone max pro m1 and other doesn't show. What should I do?

  • I tried the said method and kept my sim in volte enabled device for 6-7 hours. No luck. Still no volte in Max Pro M2. Thank you for your answers everyone now only asus and airtel can fix this.

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