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Hi guys I downloaded the new OS (87) on my 5 z but when I tried to find it to update my phone I couldn't I have since updated via OTA but I would love to find the zip file I downloaded so I can delete it but where is it?????????

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    HI royieraci

    Thank you for your asking. Kindly provide the information below so that we could better assist you.

    1. Are you trying to find the file you download from our official website? The file may stay at

    File Manager>Downloads  or  File Manager>Internal storage

    2. Have you upgrade successfully? Please provide me your issue detail if you have encounter any difficulty.

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  • Hi Christine thanks for your response I have looked under file manager and there seems to be something there that corresponds with the date and time of the download but when I look further it says 0 items so maybe the download failed. I have since updated successfully via OTA download/update so all is good with my phone . Thanks again for your response 😊

  • Nice. Glad to help 😉

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