Suggest Best Comparable Smart Watch for Asus 6z

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Hi Asus Experts,

Please Suggest Best Comparable Smart Watch for Asus 6z.


Santosh Chaitanya


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    I am very happy with Mi Band 4.

    It is very durable, very cheap, about forty days between recharging, IP68.

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    What is your primary use? Running/workouts or style statement?

    I am using Amazfit pace, GPS since last two years with 1 week of batter life. There are two latest upgrades Amazfit GTR and GTS. Both are value for money in INR. 10k price tag.

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    What do you mean, do you mean comparable or compatiable?

    What's your price budget?

    And what are you looking for SmartWatch or Smartband?

    For smartband you have

    RealMe Band = 1500

    Huawei Band 4 = 2000

    Mi band 4 = 2300

    Honor band 5 = 3000

    RealMe watch =4000

    Amazfit T-Rex 10,000 (pre order at Amazon)

    ^ The price comes from Manufacter websites and prices are in INR

    Smartwatches you have

    Galaxy Active 2



    Huawei Watch GT2/e

    Honor Magic Watch 2


    Just going to say this WearOS watches like the Fossil Gen 5 and Ticwatch have a big advantage over Honor/Huawei watches and that's simply because WearOS is by Google and your watch so to speak is like a mini android, you've got Playstore (you can download spotify and uber etc), Google play music, Google Maps on your watch you can customise and download watch faces and do bit more things BUT WearOS battery life is AWFUL, at max you're looking at 1.5 days.

    Whereas because the Honor/Huawei smartwatches lacks that Android experiance on the watch, you get a much much better battery BUT in the beginging when I got my Watch GT2 I had issues with the Huawei Health app, kept saying Not responding ( i bought mine for £160 which is around 15k INR, im from UK) and I was frustrated because I spent this money and I can't use it, which turned out the Huawei Health app has alot of problems with phones not running EMUI (the app gets poor reviews on forums and on the Playstore) to fix this problem i downloaded an old apk from 3rd party website and then 5 weeks latter updated it in the playstore. Had this watch for 4 months now and beside the issue in the begining in which i fixed, I don't have any compliments.

    But the best thing you can do is research the pros and cons of Smartwatches and Fitness bands and then just compare them, don't do what i do and spend money on a watch and then regret it. Before lockdown i used to go gym 5 times a week, so i'm into my fitness but i've paid money for features I don't use. I don't call on my phone, I don't sleep with my watch, I don't do the stress test, I don't play music on my watch. Now I realise I could've paid £60 and get the Huawei Band 4pro and hmm okay yeah so it's Bluetooth 4.2 as opposed to 5.1 on the watch GT, it's more of the fact i saved £100 on something that has very similar features to the one that costs more

  • As smartwatcches are just for showoffs.. no one will use its features in long time..better buy good branded cheap watch like fossil sport... battery life s less but we can chrge no issue

  • I've a Garmin watch (over two years old) for running, works pretty well with the phone.

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