MICROPHONE not working?

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I think this was caused by the recent OS update but I'm not sure. The microphone seems not to be working when I'm on a loudspeaker (video calls, pubg, and other games). I tried to do sound recording but it also fails to record my voice except for the background noises (scratching the screen, or tapping it). I tried all the troubleshooting but still no good. Is there anyone here also experiencing the same?

My ROG phone 2 was purchased in Macau last December.


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    Can you go into SMMI TEST and try the four Boardmic tests there?

    Go into the calculator and press .12345+= and it will take you to the test screen. Continue to 'Single test' and look for BoardMic1, 2 3 and 4.

    See if your voice is coming through in all four tests.

  • BoardMic 1 & 2 not working

  • Yo just hold the power button and then hold the power off icon, it will tell you to reboot to safe mode, press ok and then try the smmi test. I had same issue but it happened because of a file i downloaded for a game. I deleted it and its fixed. You should try and reboot to safe mode and test.

  • @danvercalacat do what Akash suggests and see if you get different results.

  • No still not working

  • @danvercalacat Backup your data and do a factory reset of your device. If that doesn't solve your issue I would like to log your phone so we can investigate further.

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    I am facing the same problem. My microphone is not picking up any voice. Also the headphone is also not being picked up by my device when I plus in my earphone in the 3.5 mm jack. At first I was able to listen to other people when on call but now I am not. Also it keeps showing System UI not working.

  • On top of that the system response is too slow. If I try calling someone, the call isn't automatically connected it takes from 1to 3 minutes to connect sometimes even more

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