Zenbook UX430UA freeze and screen jumble

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  1. System: Windows 10 Pro
  2. Battery or AC: Both battery and AC
  3. Model: UX430UA
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Infrequent - can happen during startup on Asus bios screen, during windows boot or whilst working in Windows or when first powering on machine. Happens regardless if i'm connected to an external display or not. No specific time or amount of use applies to when it happens. It is happening more regularly now.
  5. Reset OS: Full system restore
  6. Screenshot or video:

=image attached.=======================

Detailed description:


  • Detailed description:The laptop freezes up and screen jumbles. It can happen when I first power on the laptop and it will freeze immediately on the ASUS logo. It can happen during boot, it can happen as i'm logging into Windows or during use within Windows. No particular application causes the problem.

    It does not matter if have an external display connect as it happens with or without it connected.

    I have completed a factory reset and it happened during the reboot cycle.

    I can go a few hours sometimes before it happens.

  • Hi @pmaddocks, in this case, we would suggest you to send your notebook to repair center. Please refer to this link to find nearest service location: https://www.asus.com/support/service-center-location . Thanks!

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