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Dear Team,

My mobile was on charge, Minutes later I take it out from the charger and tried to unlock the screen, it lights up for a second and then it goes black. Try to unlock again and it’s all black. Try to turn it off and I can feel vibration feedback. Upon closer inspection I discover cracks beneath the glass, the display cracked from the inside !

As i was using my phone regularly with no drops/ hits and i was also using a silicon cover too.

There is NO visible physical damage or impact point outside of the phone and both the glass protector and the actual outer glass of the phone had no cracks. I was extremely disappointed to see a crack on my new/ expensive smartphone.

Then i had contacted asus service representative for the same, they replied me due to ongoing lockdown in your city, service centers are not operating. Then on 1st June I contacted REGENERSIS which is a service center for asus products, so they asked me for the invoice copy and also the rog pictures of every side. After some time they called me and replied with the silly answer like inner display might be get damaged because of finger impression and placing the phone inside pant pocket and it will be covered under physical damage and you have to bear the cost and they denied to do under warranty.

I am EXTREMELY SHOCKED that the screen cracked from the inside and that I am being HELD LIABLE FOR AN ADDITIONAL ISSUE I DID NOT CAUSE.

From the many cases just like mine, it has become clear that ASUS has a defect in the ROG 2 screens same as ROG 1 screen.

Now asus, please help at this point and tell me what to do.


attached pics fyr.



  • the display is very delicated in this mobile. when i got this mobile i observed small scratches at normal use without having any sharp objects including keys in my pocket but i could still see some serious scratches on my display. since then i haven't used the phone without a screen protector. i suggest to never use the phone without a screen protector. use bumper case to prevent fall damage on back glass. all i can say that this phone is not durable without protection, My phone fell so many time from at least 5 feet and didnt break the display because i ordered the protection from glazeddinc. they got some serious protection stuff on their site. i just wanna say its easy to apply screen protector by ourself instead of someone else applying it because they will just ruin it. good luck getting that display fixed mate

  • Made a really bad choice buying this phone. ROG 2 isn't even lasting a year with no proper support and they're ready with their shit of ROG 3 already.

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    Actually i had also ordered a good bumper case for my phone and m using it....one of my friend was also having these same issue...and he contacted asus regarding this....and they solved his prob...hope you will also might get help or positive reply from asus...good luck buddy.

  • I had also ordered a protective silicon bumper case and was using it from the first day only. My mob haven't fallen down in last 2-3 months cauz i was at home only. Bt this much delicated display for a gaming phone...might be that should be the problem...Just waiting for any asus representative reply. Hope they will understand the issue.

  • @vicky.cool179 Sorry to hear about your display. This is however something you will need to discuss with your local service center, as we can't make an assessment about what caused the damage from over here.

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    I know there's an issue with the Rog Phone 1 like this, documented here forum.xda-developers.com/rog-phone/how-to/consumer-alert-asus-service-center-t3925942

    May be worth looking into similar issues for Rog Phone 2, if you find other users that had the same issue.

  • Besides the 120Hrz, the display of this phone is to me a disappointment. Not onbly because of this but also the red tint issue. I hope the ROG 3 comes with a screen that is in terms of quality in accordance with the price of it. 120Hrz is great but if greys are red... whats the point if it can't reproduce all colors correctly?

  • Thanks for the reply. As soon as the service centers are open, i'll update the same.

  • Agreed agreed agreed.

    Can't agree more.

    I watch a lot of movies on my mobile and I mostly turn off the light and dim the display but at low brightness grey turns reddish which is really annoying. Talking about color accuracy, in my opinion due to this issue Rog2 drastically fails in this aspect due to the red tint issue.

    I cannot afford another flagship within so short period of time and even if rog3 fixes this issue it won't matter to me. Honestly, I am loyal customer to Samsung but due to the gaming features and all the other features I left Samsung but now I feel that I should have stuck with Samsung. ROG 3 or ROG 4, Asus is not having my loyalty.

  • And the black crush watching films are a nightmare.

  • I bought my phone in octorber 23 2019 and i dont have any red tint issue. Even compared it with the one rog phone 2 with red tint issue and the difference was observable. I am happy i dont havr the red tint. Its probably a hardware issue.

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    It's an issue with all OLEDs as far as I have observed

    Especially the high refresh rate ones (120hz in particular)

    (Something i saw on reddit)

    This phone costs 1000$ (samsung made panel by the way)

    And was touted to have one of the best displays in the industry but alas it's riddled with issues I've seen complaints about bad tint,black crush,touch scrolling issues,burn in,mistouch issues with those curved edges etc to name a few on their telegram grp/reddit/twitter

    And this is just oneplus you'll find similiar complaints about Samsung's s20 ultra,pixel 4 etc

    Iphones are no exception 🤞

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  • Physical damage such as screen broken issue is not covered in warranty. I bought it on october 23 2019 in second sale and my phone is still intact except the scratches that were put on my phone after a normal usage. Its a pretty fragile phone and i suggest to use protection such as screen protector and back case (not the one included or lightning armor case). Lightning armor case is a useless accessory because it only protects our phone but breaks on one impact because its cheap plastic. Use a tpu leather or a case from amazon which are cheap. Asus is really making shitty case for phone which breaks itself on one impact to protect the phone and also costs 60£

  • From the day 1, i was using this cover for my rog phone 2....still the display has been damaged internally.....so what is the use of such kind of covers.

  • Back covers only protect the back glass panel, for the screen you should put a screen protector...

  • Buddy...i was also using a tempered glass which has no scratch on it.

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    If it has no visible physical damage and it really is a internal crack take it to a sc they'll change it for free

    I know a few guys who have got their panels changed

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    I had a ROG 1 that fell from bed to floor screen smashed... Also dropped my Rog 2 yesterday and front and back smashed.. not getting rog 3... These phones are to fragile and accessories to expensive

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    You need to dispute this with your bank. See my thread on their RMA service, I went through something very similar. DO NOT SEND IN THE PHONE FOR REPAIR, THEY WILL SAY ITS OUT OF WARRANTY AND THAT YOU CAUSED THE DAMAGE. THEY WILL SEND YOU A BILL TO PAY FOR THE REPAIR OR THEY WILL SEND YOU THE PHONE DISASSEMBLED (they won't put the phone back together if you don't pay).

    Call you bank and make a claim on the charge, tell them the hardware is defective and based on what you've seen in the forums it is pointless to send it in. Tell your bank the money you get back from the claim will go back into ordering a new phone since ASUS refuses to give replacements.

    I disputed this with my bank and got my money back, this was after I purchased the phone over 8 months ago. Unfortunately, I decided to go back to Samsung, because as much as I love the ROG 2 phone I can't support a cheat company. I may get the ROG 3 after a year, but I don't know.

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