Upgrade lollipop to marsmellow

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How to upgrade lollipop to marsmellow on asus zenfone 2 z008??


  • Gimana cara upgrade Asus zenfone 2 ze551ml Dari lollipop ke marshmallow, mohon petunjuk.

  • Hi friends

    Thank you for your asking. For cross-Android version updating, please perform manual update as the guide below. Please make sure update to previous Andriod L before the first Andiod M, then update to the first Andiod M version.

    Steps of Update:

    1. Check software version of your device (Settings->About-> software information->Build number)

    2. Download device software and Update SOP (From “Manual” Item)

    3. Only apply to same SKU update, Example: WW->WW, CN->CN, .

    4. Software update cannot transfer the software SKU and downgrade the software version.

    5. Wrong SKU may cause update failure, please update the same SKU version only.

    *System upgrade may cause part of data missing, please buckup your important data before system upgrading

    # ZE550KL Firmware Spot

    # ZE551KL Firmware Spot

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