USB-C Port issue (charging, headphones, gamepad)

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Maybe someone here can help me with this issue.

The USB-C Port (bottom) does not work properly. First i recognized that charging only works if i put the usb-c cable 'right' side in.

Two days ago i bought this ROG CETRA headphone and the ROG KUNAI GAMEPAD. Neither the one nor the other work. The headphones light is only blinking and the gamepad is only working in bluetooth mode but not with the phone adapter.

Because of this i think there would be a problem with the phones bottom usb-c port.

I see that there are a couple of threats about this. Do anyone know if this is a software or a harware problem.

Thanks a lot.


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    Any ideas? Need help...

  • by any chance the headphones in which usb-c port do you attack?

  • AndiGAndiG Level 1

    It is always the bottom one...

    The side one seems to be working well.

  • It may be that the inside of the usb-c has detached from the battery, or you have detached and reattached too many times that the inside is damaged or dust has entered in the usb-c port. I advise you to send the ROG Phone 2 for assistance

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    This is what I get in the asus rog 2 18w charger. Its been one and half months the problem arose. I bought the device on February 1st week. I am running in android 10, the problems were there when it was in A9 some comments showed that the problem got fixed in A10. But after that also there was no change in it. I have been using my oneplus charger till now and I get 1750Ma max in that. Could you please let me know if there is any possibility of changing the charging adaptor as ithe lockdown seems to continue not able to go to service center also. I have informed them and they said like they won't be checking on these things in Tirunelveli (my home town) they will be sending to chennai for service. If anyone can help would be appreciated 😔

  • @AndiG Sorry for the late reply. Are you still having problems with your bottom port?

    If it's giving you trouble regardless of which cable you're using, I would advise you to visit service and let them have a look.

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    @Gustav_ASUS Thank you for your reply. Maybe you can tell me were to go in Austria?

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