Network Problem

SourabhSourabh Level 1
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Please help.. i m loosing Volte and no internet connection often since today morning in my rog 2 where it is perfect in my asus 6z.


  • @Sourabh are you still experiencing this issue after updating to 2004.9 firmware?

    You can try resetting by going to:

    Settings -> System -> Reset options -> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth

  • SourabhSourabh Level 1

    I tried resetting my but it didn't work...but yes after the new update, it happened 1 or 2 times like in say 10days. Its not completely off. But,

    Simce the new update, new issue has been arrived, refresh rate drops even i keep it at 90hz or 120hz.

    Refresh rate on home screen is perfect, but as soon as I open settings or any application, it drops ..!! Then after restarting the phone solves the problem. Please help.

  • Sorry about the late reply. Can you please make a video that shows that the refresh rate drops? Has the network issue improved?

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