Ghost camera

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I don't know if it was already here ... when you turn on the camera, a preview of the last focused thing will appear .. regardless of whether it was photographed ... I don't use any external application


  • I can't see it on my device but I don't really see this as an issue. I'm getting the feeling this is more about you wanting to show off your wallpaper ;)

  • vlasta.vasicekvlasta.vasicek Level 2
    edited June 2020

    Definitely not .. I'll put a black area there and it will do the same bug .. the camera remembers the last preview even after turning off

    we know that every phone behaves differently, but I only observe this after the last update ..

    I believed that would solve a possible problem ... not solve who has what kind of cell phone wallpaper

    deleted cache and data app not working ..

  • tried erasing application data, safe mode .. still the same, the camera application, after focusing and turning off the camera, saves the preview and displays it the next time the camera application is turned on. it is not used by a third party application.

  • an error was found causing .. beautification icon .. the camera effect is memory when turned on. the error does not show the effect memory after deactivation of the beautification.

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