Android 11 confirmed for ROG 2

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Found this post claiming Asus has confirmed Android 11 for ROG 2

Is it true ?


  • Release date 2021?

  • Depends it would be after the Zenfone 6 tho

    Last year android 10 was released in September and Zenfone 6 got the stable update on Nov 1 (beta program was underway from like September itself)

    Later the 2018 Zenfone 5z got the stable update in December (it too had an dedicated beta program)

    After that came Rog 2 (it got 10 betas based on Zen UI 6)

    (Gaming phone hence the delay)

    By that schedule Rog 2 should get the update in Q4 2020 or early 2021 (Jan or Feb)

  • Hey if there is any news for Any Major release stay tuned to ASUS official channels.

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