Immense battery drain!



  • Did you only disable SIM card or WiFi too? I've heard about users with battery drain that eventually realized that they had a device on the network that constantly pinged the phone.

    If it's your cellular network, then you must have a really poor signal so your antenne constantly runs at maximum signal boost

    I will send you instructions on how to log your device

  • I've only disables sim-card. WiFi was still active. It looks like the battery keeps draining if I disable 4G. It also looks like the battery keeps draining if I disable mobile data transfer.

    I will capture logs.

  • Ill install and run the log tool APK as anders informed me and i ll get back to you.


  • MonarkMonark Level 3

    Basically 4G always consumes more battery. It will be more if you are using dual 4G standby as both of your sims will constantly search to increase the network speed. You can try to change the setting from 4G to 3G and use for a whole day so that you can find out easily. Don't use wifi during this test cause it consumes less battery than cellular networks.

    It is always preferred to put your phone in super saving mode during night.

    Hope it helps👍

  • MonarkMonark Level 3

    Battery stats from 95% if i don't play games i will get an average of 8 to 9 hrs of SOT.🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Disabling 4G doesn't help. Disabling mobile data doesn't help. Disabling SIM entirely helps.

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    Update... My battery issue was solved due to the fact that I sent my device to Asus service centre to fix my camera mechanism, so I had to restore as new my device anyways. It was probably a bug. So you may try to use a log tool and send the report to the tech service and then restore as new! I know it's a troubling proceedure but there is a chance to get rid of the issue.

  • Is there a way to add an external antenna to the 3.5mm audio jack or the usb-c port on the zenfone5z to achieve a signal gain? I'm temporarily in an area where I'm so far from the nearest tower that I have maybe 2% time in 4g, 65% time with HSPA+ at about 1 bar (-115db), and the rest of the time I think it gets 3g. I can sms from here just fine and occasionally I can load a web page, but the latency is about 2000-3000ms which effectively stops certain apps from functioning. I wouldn't mind being on a slower data rate as long as the latency on the apps could improve to being functional.

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