Zenfone logo Bug Also Present In Max Pro M1.

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Asus Max Pro M1
  2. Firmware Version: .082
  3. Rooted or not: NOT
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

hi @Victor0_ASUS ,

After downgrading from WW-17.2017.2004.424 (DEVELOPER VERSION A10) TO WW-16.2017.1912.060 Stable Version(A9) . This "ZENFONE" logo appears At Booting Time. Another Great Bug from Asus. And Also Tell me How to fix This . I Have Installed all the updates from .061 to .63 MANUALLY FROM ASUS WEBSITE still it Is present.


  • Hi there, kindly check if you can perform the below functions:

     Rebooting to bootloader

    Step 1. Switch off the device by pressing the Power button for a couple of seconds

    Step 2. After that hold down Volume Down + Power keys together for a few seconds

    Step 3. Release power key and keep pressing volume down button, you will be then be taken to Recovery mode

    Step 6. In recovery Mode go to Reboot to Bootloader by scrolling down/top with volume button

    Step 5. When Reboot to Bootloader is selected then press power key to confirm option

     Option 2: Performing hard reset(data backup is necessary)

    1. Switch off the device

    2. When the device is off, press (also hold) volume down key and then press (also hold) power key.

    After the device vibrates, release the power key (keep holding volume down key) to enter recovery mode.

    3. Select "wipe data/factory reset" by volume down key (or volume up key), and then press the power key.

    4. Select "Yes -- delete all user data" by volume down key (or volume up key), and then press the power key to start reset.

    5. After the reset is completed, select the "reboot system now" and press the power key to reboot your device.

  • It is caused by downgrading from developer preview to stable update

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    I am not certain how this could be a bug. I was missing this Zenfone Logo since Pie update from Oreo and I really appreciate Asus adding it back.

    Android 10 somehow added this removed animation back permanently?! Just judging from the 'So called Bug'

  • Off course its a BUG from Asus Because Asus Can no Longer use Zenfone Logo Because it has been a issue with Zen Mobiles (Copyright) and They filed case against Asus and asus no Longer uses zenfone logo in their Products and thus Can be sued if they Use this Logo again.

  • AkashaAkasha Level 1

    I didn't really know about that at all...my bad. 😰

  • They are not allowed to use zenfone logo only in india . So it is not a bug and it is caused by downgrading from android 10 developer preview to stable pie

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