Rog Phone 2 Black screen and power off while Charging



  • Same swithcoff problem useless brand even went to service centre no proper reply .waste of money.worst customer service and worst phone in my life history.i won't choose asus products again

  • Finally throwing my rog 2 on trash can 11.11.2020

  • I've been facing similar issues intermittently since the end of Aug, 2020. Now compounded with unusual battery drainage. With the current Covid pandemic, it is next to impossible to get to the nearest service center which is in Guwahati/Kolkata, as there are zero in our state. And then there's the uncertainty of solution even after going through the trouble of travelling to these places.

    I took a leap of faith and deviate from my usual practice of going for products of well-established companies. Now I'm doubtful of my decision after facing all these issues within the 1st year itself.

  • @HyperBot where do u stay?

  • I too have been facing similar issues with ROG phone 2...screen blackout and freezing of mobile when it is used during charging or switching off when not used during charging. There is also the mistouch and multi touch issue....while charging of course. I did notice that the phone gets warm while charging and these issues happens only when it's charging. I also noticed that this happens when the phone is charging between 0 - 60 (or upto 70 idk) which I believe is related to fast charging.

    Is this a problem related to hardware or software? I managed to trackdown an asus service center in my locality. Does getting my device serviced, get rid of this annoying problem? I have already factory resetted my device a couple of days back but the problem persists. I kinda kills the mood to game you know. It would atleast give me peace knowing what's the problem.

  • Hi @Anders_ASUS,

    I had some issue with the triggers and went to service center for repair and the service center replaced the screen and the issue was fixed but after few days likely 10-15 I am having this phone shuts down while charging issue and my warranty ran out 7 days ago. What should I do? Can it be fault from service center?

  • Well I managed to contact asus service center in erode district, TN, India. They didn't even have a proper location marking or the brand boards (and was literally holed up in a corner) and thank God Asus website had their number. They said my device can't be serviced here and they'll have to send it to Chennai which will take 20 days. I mean seriously? 20 days? Even if they took 5 days to fix this issue, it'll take no more than a week if they actually put their back into it. Dear Asus, I'm a big fan of your devices both PC and smartphone. But you know what makes me think twice before purchasing your products, lack of service centres and the time required to service a device which in this case is waay too long. Having hardware issues and bugs are a common thing in devices, yes but if repairing is too much of a hazzle, I would consider buying one plus devices instead. So yes, please work on your service centers of you guys plan on keeping a proper customer base, especially in India.@Anders_ASUS

    Also, I decided that I'll pay a visit to the service center in chennai and if they were to say, "we don't service it here, it'll take 20 days to send it and get back from the New Delhi facility" I'll be super pissed.


  • Hey, I managed to contact the service center located in Erode (TN). Honestly, it was quite a hazzle to loacte it as the location marker was quite off the actual location and center itself was in a corner of a street with no brand board. Thank God I had thier number from the asus website, if it weren't for that, it would have been impossible to track down that service center. After reaching out to them, I explained the problem and explained the device is well within warranty period. They replied that the device can't be repaired here and they'll have to send it to Chennai (TN) service center and it'll take 20 days to get back. How is that possible? I mean even if repairing takes 5 working days I should be able to get back the device well within a week's period. I replied, that I'll go to Chennai (TN) service directly to get my device repaired which is of 6 hours of train travel from where I live. In all honesty, I'm quite disappointed. 3 weeks for a service repair? Unheard of such a thing. Or is it because of the warranty? I am willing to pay extra just to have my device repaired faster.

    Honestly Asus, your devices are pretty good and I especially like the ROG II device and it's bound to have some issues, I totally get it. But with service centers like this, it's quite demanding from the consumers don't you think? Please! Do work on quality services for your valed customers! Or else countries like India will always be a far cry. And if hear the same can't be serviced here, have to send it to New Delhi and will take a whopping 3 weeks at Chennai too, I'll be pissed.





  • I am also facing the same issue for months now and I have been following these discussions for a few months, but I do not see any response or a solution from ASUS. This is the worst customer support or tech support I have ever seen in my life. I only see Customers like me who are facing the issue coming here, going through the whole discussion and feeling hopeless !! #NeverBuyASUS

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    Not sure what you were following, there has been 2 posts made by ASUS Mods on this post!

  • Bro give to service center they will refund your money even I got refunded

  • Friends, I found the solution to the chronic problem of the phone, turning off during charging, screen blackening during 90 fps or 120 fps, turning off during site. I live in turkey. located on the motherboard. Replacing the pm8150 ic chip solves the problem. An excellent opportunity for friends with no guarantee. save the phone from being trash. and don't look for unnecessary expense or software solutions. I haven't tried anymore. that's the only solution. Anyone can solve the problem with living in turkey also found Fixit Technology Kadikoy. Enjoy it. 🥰

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