Wallpaper not showing - all black

edited September 2020 in ZenFone 4 Series

I have a strange problem with my old asus ZenFone go (ZB551KL)

When I select a new wallpaper, it seems that it changes (when I open the menu showing all apps, I see the blurred shadow of the selected wallpaper).

However, when I am on the Home screen, I see a pitch black underground only.

I sometimes get an error stating that the kidslauncher stops working, even if the launcher does not behave in a wrong manner afterwards

I already tried rebooting the phone and cleaning the cache of the ZenUI launcher

Only the dynamic asus wallpapers seem to work correctly (I see the wallpaper), but they are a little bit too "dynamic" for my personal taste

Is someone able to help me on this?


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