Bluetooth Latency

Bluetooth Latency on stable pie is very good but latency isnt good in the Android 10 Developer version .424.

Hope asus can fix it on stable Android 10 Update


  • Hi siddharthdas876,

    Is your phone ZB601KL or ZB630KL?

    Please also tell us your firmware version: Settings > About phone > Build number.

    Please try resetting your network settings and try again. (Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth)

    Could you describe the bluetooth problem in more details?

    What app/app version are you using? What are the steps to produce the problem?

    Does it appear on different Bluetooth brand/models? What's the brand/model of your Bluetooth?

    Thank you 🙂

  • I have ZB601KL and I am using the OnePlus bullets wireless Z, I think you didn't read properly what I said.

    Pie build of .082 has good latency means it's good, but on .424 it's not that good, you can check the difference in latency in Pubg, YouTube, Netflix, etc on android pie and android 10. In android 10 the video isn't in sync with the video,and it's impossible to play to play games using Bluetooth earphones on android 10 , however on pie it's good.

    I know that me typing this long message about latency won't matter to you and you won't do anything about it. But if you do it would be very very much appreciated, take time to give android 10 but please fix these bugs.

  • Hi siddharthdas876,

    Thanks for replying us. We've collected this information to the relevant team for their evaluation.

    We'll notify you once we receive any news. Thanks for your patience.🙂

  • Hi siddharthdas876,

    Could you tell us how you tested the latency results? Did you test it with any app? Please tell us the detailed steps if possible.

    Have you checked if this problem appears on other bluetooth devices?

    Does this problem appear on the latest version 17.2017.2006.429?

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