Faulty TENCENT ROG2 please help :'(

edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Hello everyone..i just bought this #Tencent Rog2 from Ebay last week..for few days its working really fine but now theres alot of problem,i have tried rebooting and factory reset but still i dont seems to find solution to solve the problem

1.I cant seem to call/receive phonecall when ever i tried to called/receive phonecalls phone hang for about 3-5mins then it will auto shutdown and restart

2.I have a great internet connection i can log in to facebook and youtube but i cant able to play any video it keeps loading till no end althought i have restart my phone/wifi connection/ off/on plane mode still i cant watch any video on fb/youtube

3.my phone has no audio at all,simply in silence..tried to use bluetooth/earpiece but no sounds at all.A BIG NO sound i mean TOTALLY NO SOUND AT ALL

any one come across same type of problem? any kindsoul in here care to share solution on why and what to do to repair the situation..i have tried doing reboot and factory reset but it doesnt work ;'(


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