Manual focusing needed during slomo video capture.

djcsweet16djcsweet16 Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Slomo video is really good in outdoors. But I recently faced an issue. I was trying to capture a cinematic entry of my friend where i pan from a wall to his face while he walks from the other side of the wall. When the camera is near the wall it focuses to the wall. But when I pan to his face, it takes its regular time to refocus. But when witnessing the footage in slomo, that's long duration just to get the focus shifted from the wall to his face. It would be great to have a manual focus mode in slomo shooting.

Also I expected this phone to have video capturing in pro mode. That would've been a killer feature. I used to have it in my zenfone 3 and it was nifty for my B Rolls.

It would be great to see these two features in upcoming updates.


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