Suggestions for MaxProM2 update release

chirag12gschirag12gs Level 1

Currently running the 2nd Beta of Android10 .

Here are a few issues I faced, which need some improvement:

1)Earphones sound quality: After updating, the sound coming from the earphones has drastically changed & it is giving quiet a terrible experience. The bass has been decreased & a lot of treble is added which is quite annoying when listening to music which has a lot of bass. The audio of the previous versions were fine. So, please retain the old audio profiles itself when releasing the main update

2)Speakers sound reduction: The overall sound has been decreased. Calls can't be heard, the audio in videos are not heard properly . Please retain old profiles on these things again.

3) Camera : After beta update, the shutter speed setting seems to be taken away and it would be quite good if it's added back in the main update


Overall, the extra game drivers & a few software related updated are really good. If the audio profiles are restored back to the original or even if they are improved it'd be quite good


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