Charger lead light oscillating green/yellow

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  1. System: Wndows 10
  2. Battery or AC: Pluged
  3. Model: Zembook UX31
  4. Frequency of occurrence: whenever is plug into battery charge
  5. Reset OS: NA
  6. Screenshot or video: NA


Detailed description:Zembook battery shows 100% charged, AC adapter/charger plugged the charged lead light plug starts blinking green/yellow. When the charger is unplugged the Zembook switchs off, despite the battery indicates 100% charged.

How I can overcome this problem?



  • Does anybody knows and help me to interpreter this disfunction. It seams the charger is able to power the Zembook, but is unable to charge the battery. Could be any problem in charger attachment circuit of the notebook?



  • ekarpiczekarpicz Level 1


            When the charger is unplugged the Zembook switchs off

    This is strong indication that your battery is dead. Of course it could be some problem in onboard power supply circuit, but must likely it is bad battery.

           , despite the battery indicates 100% charged.

    In some case it could be really charged but may have bad connection or high ohmic resistance and dies immediately you disconnect charger.  I'd download CPUID HWMonitor application or equivalent. It may be able to show battery wear level stored in battery controller. HWMonitor battery wear level is shown correctly for UX331U


  • Hello @tsbravo70, we would suggest you to try charging by using another adapter if you have one. If same problem occur, we would suggest you to send your notebook to repair center. Please refer to this link to find nearest service location: . Thanks!

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