Auto Reboot & Screen goes Black while Gaming

kirankumar17897kirankumar17897 Level 1
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Issue 1 - While playing PUBG Mobile My Rog Phone 2 Screen goes Black and than app is running in the background and I can here the game soung but I can't play the Game (if than mobile phone temperature goes higher than 42° C or while charging and playing the Game )

Issue 2 - While playing PUBG Mobile at the important situation my phone freeze for few seconds and it will automatically Reboot the device, sometimes it freeze and I can't do anything after few minute of pressing then power button it will restart then device

This is the gaming Smartphone but all the issue I face is while playing PUBG Mobile

I bought the phone for gaming but I can't play a single game property ( PUBG Mobile )

Please help me to fix those issues


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