Issue with the Night Light - Doesn't work with sunset-sunrise mode

kpbhskrkpbhskr Level 1
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2


I was using the night light with the sunset-sunrise mode, but even when the location is switched on, it doesn't switch the night mode.

This mode was working good with A9 flawlessly. But after update to A10, there is this snag. :(

Anyone else facing this same issue?



  • Not used that one, but I've never got the battery care system to work. Also, since A10, the super save battery mode doesn't work either.

    Seems they've messed a few things up, plus many didn't work before

  • VolodesiVolodesi Level 3

    It's working fine on mine.

  • @kpbhskr Sorry for the late reply. Are you still experiencing this issue?

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