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Hi, I wanna ask how much battery life are you guys getting while playing pubg on hdr+extreme and Anti-Aliasing on.

I am getting just 3+ hrs of battery life. Asus team claims 6+ hours.


  • I'll say 4:30 max if you're playing with no breaks+ high tier games+ x mode ultimate( simple words- everything pushed to the max)

    It can be extended to around 5:30 if you play tdm, training ground ,arcade or if you all of you games are not 30 mins long

  • I getting around 5:30 hours at smooth and extreme graphics for power saving high performance profile

  • Playing at smooth extreme, default xmode settings, max cpu speed, memory cleaner on, max temperature. Getting about 6-7 hours of battery life. 15% per hour which is pretty decent. Not good considering its a 6000 mah battery. Had higher expectations

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    Looks like you guys are getting good battery life, I don't know what's eating up my battery. Only 3:30 hrs of pubg no xmode only hdr+extreme.

    Damn that's bad, Asus team also has no answers for me.

  • Don't worry pal,we would also get about 3:30 to 4 hrs in hdr extreme settings,but I uplayed at smooth and extreme ,it lasted me around 5 hrs I guess

  • It takes sometimes 21-25% per hour at smooth extreme for me randomly. Whats with this thing. Ugh

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