Asus zenfone max Pro m1 .063 update Extreme battery draining problem.



  • I don't know if any of my dear friends are still facing the issue of battery drain and battery bulging out. I have been facing it from yesterday. (Just the battery drain not the bulge yet) and it will be surprising for everyone of you to know that asus just rolled out the FOTA update for android pie on my zenfome max pro m1. I got it on 13th October, 2020. I was aware that my phone was not getting the update but I never really happened to focus on it much because it was working fine even on Oreo. But after updating it last day , I saw the battery drain issue and I guess I'll even get the sweet little bulge as if the battery is trying to breathe in . I have no clue as to what I should do now. It is my one and only primary phone and I can't afford another phone soon. Need some help please.

  • You Have To Make Good Ram Management So No Any app Unwantedly run in Background. This Is Your Fault Asus

  • Any members in this forum found any way of resolution??. Kindly help me to find a way.

    I reported this issue to Asus team through email on around August. But response given was horrible. I bought this mobile last year around May. Within a year, after update, this issue came.

    One of the major factor that trigger me to apt this product is its battery. But now Asus made me to regret my decision.

    If anyone can share their resolution (if you had one), it would be helpful.

    When I was having a similar issue back in 2015 with micromax, they actually take back my phone and issued a new one. Don't know about asus

  • Same problem as mentioned by others is faced by me also. Even in switch off condition also battery is draining fastly. Plz provide a permanent solution for this problem. SOT is decreasing day by day due to this problem. Plz consider all our issuea asap.

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    Asus should include lithium polymer batteries than lithium ion. They are good life batteries but now asus stopped building phones with that batteries

  • My phone's battery started getting hot on one fine day, now it's changing its shape, my phone will last only foe less than 1 hour

  • As of now i updated my phone to Android 10 hoping for the battery drain issue be solved,but NOT . If they can't solve this problem they should make a way for us to downgrade it to the stable one or in the stock one.

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