Considering buying Zenfone 6z at this time

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Hello everyone and the administrators. I'm considering buying a Zenfone 6. I want to get advice from everyone before deciding to spend about 500 Euros on this phone. So I have a few questions:

1 / I have read a lot of posts about issues of asus zenfone 6. I would like to ask if Asus will listen to users and then release updates in the future or not? Will this phone get update frequently ?

2 / Does this phone have a lot of bugs? Are there any errors related to the hardware and design of the phone? (I have read the post about the Fast-charging problem that could be due to the charging port). If possible someone please help me list the most common bugs on this phone.

What interests me most is the design of this phone, something I haven't seen on other phones, including the latest flagships this year. So I'd love to own it but the issues I read about updates, errors are causing me to be confused. I hope I can get advice from you and the administrators. Thanks for reading


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    Zenfone 6 is my first ASUS phone that I didn't bring to a repair center.

    Previously I had GPS issue, headphones issue, microphone issue on zf2 ans zf3 deluxe.

    So I am delighted to see that it's better.

    The phone is smoother thanks to this zenui 6.

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    i've had my zenfone 6 since sept 2019 and while its a great phone for the price, i cannot recommend it due to its call and text message problems. this is my first asus phone and i'm using it in the us on t-mobile and i've been having call and text message problems with it for awhile now. whats frustrating is asus says it's a t-mobile problem and t-mobile says it's an asus problem. i've been a t-mobile customer for a long time and have never had a problem like this on their network so i'm tending to side with t-mobile on this.

    i'm not sure how well it works on other networks but if you're in the us and on t-mobile, i've been telling a lot of people to stay away from asus.

    good luck 😀

  • Not recommended as Asus is still developing in Mobile industry, better go for OnePlus or POCO,

    Worth their price.

  • You may base your decision on the answers from the fellow users here.

    From Asus side, what we can share here, which is not so much to question but rather just how it is.

    In the roughly one year that ZenFone 6 has been available we've released these FOTA updates ; 17 of them in fact.

    We are on May 05 security patch level (as of now).

    Version WW-16.1210.1904.116

    Version WW-16.1210.1904.133

    Version WW-16.1210.1906.156

    Version WW-16.1220.1906.174

    Version WW-16.1211.1906.5

    Version WW-16.1220.1908.189

    Version WW-16.1220.1908.191

    Version WW-16.1220.1909.193

    Version WW-16.1220.1909.194

    Version WW-17.1810.1910.73

    Version WW-17.1810.1911.110

    Version WW-17.1810.2001.121

    Version WW-17.1810.2001.129

    Version WW-17.1810.2002.133

    Version WW-17.1810.2002.137

    Version WW-17.1810.2003.145

    Version WW-17.1810.2005.153

  • I believe @LP_ASUS has been trying to gather logs in the dedicated thread for this topic. We would really appreciate any assistance with more and more logging to help getting closer to this issue - no matter if it is an Asus problem or a TMO problem, but more data can only help. So far from my understanding it has been really difficult to secure enough logs. Thank you!

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    i agree asus has been very very good at keeping the zenfone 6 updated and imo it is a very good and capable phone, especially for the price. but i've missed important calls and texts and so far no one can figure out why. if you are not too concerned with that then i say it's a great phone. but i just cannot recommend it if calls and texts are important to you.

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    The hardware design is super comparing others. What I like is dual SIM with separate sd card slot, FM radio, audio jack, wired Ethernet support(with adapter) and retractable camera. However I won't recommend buying it at the moment,

    1. No 5G support

    2. Almost no new feature added after released except bug fixes and security update. Features requested by many users were sent to the developer but I have not seen it happened, even a simple one e.g. adding auto home timezone and UTC time in clock app, adding contact photo in dialer, adb over network etc.

    3. No volte/vowifi support for north American carriers. I am on at&t, I don't have missing call/texts as reported by TMobile users, but I do have phone mute problem during call(I have to toggle speaker phone on/off to unmute).

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