Battery draining fast

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I have been using my ASUS ZenFone (ASUS_Z012DB) for about half an year now. When I first bought it the battery life was amazing.. Even charging time was very low but now the battery drains very fast. Even when not using any application it just drains so fast that I have to charge it regularly.

Please fix it As soon as possible....🙏


  • Agreed. Noticing the same after recent update. Asus please look into this, I hardly get a day's use from.a full charge. Used to get two days previously.

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    I'm not sure if the charging behaviour of the author of this post is the most optimized.

    Btw, we don't talk about a zenfone 6 here ...

  • Isn't this a thread for Zenfone 6?

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    The author talks for a zf3

  • I see...then I think he/she is in the wrong place.

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