How do I know my mobile model number is ZB601KL or ZB6012KL....?

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Now. On 25/05/2020 Asus release a small OTA update to Zenfone Max Pro M1 users with the model number ZB602KL....

But I don't know what is my Model number mentioned the question (ZB601KL or ZB602KL)..

Please give me information to know the model of my mobile.

I am using ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 6GB, 64 GB

Thanks in Advance .

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    I bought my mobile in India, so it is ZB601KL..

    Thank you very much.


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    ZB601KL is Indian varient

    ZB602KL is Global varient

    If you bought Smartphone in India then your model is ZB601KL

  • I own a Zenfone Max Pro M1 mobile 6GB 64GB Indian varient.

    If I updated my mobile to Pixel Experience plus version from Stable Android Pie.

    Then, can I get the FOYA updates from Asus ? Like Android 10 stable update from Asus or don't get any updates or Getting updates from Google (Pixel) ?

    Thanks in advance 😃

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