Delay in notification.

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My notification can be around 5 min late before the phone reports something is new. I can be active på the Messanger for fb and see the new message is in the inbox päbut the phone won't give notification for it.. And its the same on every app. I have the latest fw version for the phone.


  • Are you still receiving all notifications you expect to get, but just a couple of minuter later than you think you should?

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    I get some but not all and the ones I get is so late, if im on the pc it tells me 5min before the phone.


  • Yep I facing the same late notification issues in instagram,

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    Check if any of the apps in question are battery optimized or have background restrictions on them. You might also try enabling unrestricted data usage and see if that helps. Also check your battery-saving options in Powermaster.

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    I checked everything and all look normal.

    I just open and typed on a answer and when I was finish the notification come up when I closed the app.

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    Any news about it??

    Most of my apps don't get the notifications alert att all even if it's on and nothing should stop it from showing up.

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